Sony STAMINA mode relaunched – Is that the same one?

After the Sony STAMINA mode was taken off in the recent smartphones, not all users were happy. Was that the same STAMINA they knew earlier?



Almost each and every Sony Xperia smartphone user has been in love with the Sony STAMINA mode being offered by Sony for the last few years. The main purpose of the STAMINA mode is to stop various apps and background processes from using the data connection when your smartphone is in standby mode.

The earlier versions of STAMINA came with a “white list” option, which allowed users to add apps which they seemed fit to access the data connection even while the phone was on standby. These white list apps mainly included business email apps, IMs and other chat apps, and various others. Owing to this wonderful feature, Xperia users had the luxury of keeping their STAMINA mode turned on at all times for the purpose of extending battery life.

But when Google released its 6th version of the Android OS, the Android Marshmallow, and a very similar battery saving feature was introduced as an in built system app. This was pretty much like Sony STAMINA mode. Google named this app DOZE, the app starts up automatically when you have not used your phone for some time, and performs the exactly the same functions like that of the STAMINA mode. So, in order to avoid a debacle and confusion of having two system apps for extending battery life, Sony decided to remove the STAMINA app from all Xperia models which have Android Marshmallow pre-installed.


This decision was welcomed with open arms by the Xperia users, as none of them wanted two apps blocking their system memory for one single purpose. Also, unlike STAMINA, DOZE was programmed to start up automatically, which gives it an inherent lead in the race.

But Sony has brought back the STAMINA mode with its new Xperia Z5 series of smartphones, and users are not at all pleased. They were happy using DOZE on the previous versions of Xperia, but with the reintroduced Sony STAMINA mode, things are going to become confusing and space consuming. Also, the new STAMINA mode does not come with a white list, the Smartphone’s performance slows down due to keeping the STAMINA mode on constantly, and this new version ends up limiting screen brightness, GPS navigation, and practically everything.



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