Speech therapy: iPhone and iPad apps for adults and kids

Language BuilderThe invention in various applications (apps) has proved to be a boon in today’s world. With the help of technology and iPhone and iPad apps, many disorders can be worked upon. There are many individuals who depend on other people in society or in their family. For such people, the apps come in handy. Let’s have a look at iPhone apps for a better communication.

The apps we are talking about are designed in such a way that they can help both the kids as well as the adults for better speaking and pronunciation, which can be addressed as speech therapy. Apple is one such company that has a range of software in their devices in various categories.

They especially target people with certain disabilities and automatically they can get the best out of their production. The apps can be used at various places like school, workplace or even while playing.

Conversation Builder Teen, Language Builder, The Social Express – which they term it as the revolutionary social learning software for children and I Name It apart from Articulate Scenes are some apps built for speech therapy and are easily available.

There are also apps that help in improving conversation and communication skills.
Note: Writing about the above apps doesn’t mean I got any payment regarding the same. They are just used as illustrations.

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