How to speed up your computer

The need to ask this question is because the use (or over-use, whatever may you call it) of computers.

Computers have become common in a lot of households today and the machines are used quite extensively over a long period of time. It is but natural that the computers slow up over time. One cannot get a response from a PC or a computer faster after, say, three years as it used to be earlier.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to slowing down your machine. If you know the reasons, you can work better towards speeding up your computer. Let us have a look at them.

Carry out regular defragmentation

Defragmenting your PC is vital. It sets all the data in the right place, which gets scattered when you save it on your hard disk. The unorganized data takes more time to load when you open certain files – the files containing the data. This increases the response time of your machine. Frequent defragmentation helps in increasing the speed of your computer.

How much data you are saving and how much you need to work with your machine decide the time gap between defragmenting. If you your PC to save data on a regular basis or even download it from internet, you must regularly carry out defragmentation.


What resolution you use also depends how much time your computer will eat up. If you wish to have faster performance, then bring the resolution down if possible. Videos and games do need higher resolution to view and enjoy the stuff. However, if you can make do with lower resolution, it is better. Lower resolution will certainly increase the speed of your computer.

Say no to animation

If you do not need animation, just say no to it. You should certainly turn off the animation if you ever want to increase the speed of the computer. To turn the animation off, open Control Panel and navigate to the Effects tab. Here, turn off the “Show Windows Content While Dragging” and Smooth Edges on Screen Fonts. This tip comes in handy with most versions of the OS. But yes, it differs from OS to OS and the version as well.

Update drivers

The more frequently you update the drivers, the better your machine will run. After all, drivers ‘drive’ your computer and the latest drivers are always compatible than the older ones when it comes to performance. The updates drivers can comfortably handle the older computers. So, do not forget to update them regularly.

Put basic wallpapers

Always put only the basic wallpapers on your screen. Having very high definition wallpapers, which are easily available these days, look better to the eyes, but do no good to your system. They eat up energy and time each time the system loads the OS on your machine. The result – Slowing down of your computer.

There are some more things that we can talk about how you can speed up your computer. These things include the fonts, the partition you have on your hard disk drive and the fonts and programs you use. We will take a look at them as well in another article.

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