SpotNSave Security Band: Help is Where You Are

When you have the SpotNSave security band at hand, you are hardly away from help. The band is a wearable security device that can potentially turn to be your lifesaver.

SpotNSave Security Band

The security band can prove to be your lifesaver as it is connected to the Bluetooth of your Smartphone. For this, it uses an application. Generally, wearable devices like Smartwatches are designed to track your activities. Activities like walking, running or other any similar ones can be tracked including your sleep.

However, with SpotNSave security band, the Smartphone works differently altogether. With the security band, your presence can be tracked by as many as five people in real-time. They can be your friends or family members, who can know your EXACT location.

The Need to Use SpotNSave Security Band

Any one of us may need to get in touch with someone else urgently. Or, there may be cases when you find yourself in danger or need to depend on someone else to bail you out. You may feel totally helpless until help comes by. There can be times when you may not be even able to contact anyone in some cases.

In short, just imagine yourself in the worst-case scenario. Now, this is when the SpotNSave security band comes in the picture, which is your SOS call. The alert is sent to ‘Guardian Angels’.

SpotNSave security band

‘Guardian Angels’ is the term used for those people who can be contacted when you are in distress. The SpotNSave security band sends a text message with your location details. It can actually give a turn-by-turn direction so that your ‘Guardian Angel’ can reach you.

More Possibility of Concerns

The extended possibility of difficulties and troubles are taken into account by the SpotNSave security band. So, what if you do not even get to press the SOS button? Due to the activation of real-time tracking the chosen five people will be able to ‘see’ you at any time.

Who is the SpotNSave Security Band Useful to?

In fact, all of us need some security like the SpotNSave security band. However, it is the children who are travelling alone out of station must have this security band with them. Even if they get in problems with strangers, they can easily SOS.

Working women, who need to travel or be outside their home the entire day can also find the SpotNSave security band an excellent guard.

Battery Backup

The security band can run for at least 18 hours once the battery is fully charged. But remember, if the SpotNSave security band runs out of the backup, it will not be able to send your location details. So, always make it a point to keep the battery band charged fully. There aren’t any costs or subscriptions too. So, you can freely use it.

Currently, the app that accompanies it is compatible only with the Android devices. But before long, it will be available for iOS and Windows too.


The device was initially available for a price of $27.99. But the cost was later raised to $36.99.

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