Sprint Magic Box: A Major Step towards Development

It is often said, “Small packets come with big surprises”, and following the statement, Sprint announced Sprint Magic Box, an All-Wireless Small Cell.

Sprint Magic Box

Sprint Magic Box
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Everything about Sprint Magic Box

To improve data coverage and speed, Sprint launched a new plug- and- play LTE device, Sprint Magic Box for businesses and consumers. This revolutionary device is the world’s first all-wireless small cell, increasing download and upload speeds by 200 percent. The main aim of designing this advanced technology is to solidify nationwide LTE plus network in the industry quickly and cost effectively.

An Improved Experience to Customers

Sprint Magic box is the first all-wireless small cell providing a better experience to its customers and working towards the welfare. As the name suggests, this device is an enclosed, self-configuring cell that comes in a small size equivalent to a shoebox. The best part of the device is it’s easy to install. Apart from that it’s free of any rental costs in comparison to traditional small cell deployments. For having a better experience, keep the unit near a window and plug into a power outlet. It will swiftly connect to the nearest Sprint site and start running within minutes. Once the box installation is complete, customers can enjoy fast speed anywhere at work or home, streamline videos, surf or use any app and service.

Benefits of Using Sprint Magic Box

Sprint worked with a strategy to provide benefits of the device to the customers in surrounding areas. One Sprint Magic Box is capable of covering 30,000 square feet indoors and can spread up to adjacent areas benefitting people living in other buildings. The benefits of the device do not end here. The signals of the device can be extended 100 meters outside the building. It gives an opportunity to the people in the street to enjoy improved network performance.

Sprint took lead after the launch of Sprint Magic Box, a plug-and-play small cell. It improves the customer experience without any additional cost. It will be interesting to see what comes next in competition.


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