Stare at a Samsung Galaxy S4 and win the gadget

If you can stare at the Samsung Galaxy S4 for 60 minutes on the trot, you can go on to win the Samsung Smartphone. This is a promotional strategy designed by the company for increasing the sales of the Smartphone in Zurich. Samsung, along with Swisscom has come up with this unique idea.

However, staring at the phone for 60 minutes continuously isn’t as easy as it looks. The reason is the distractions that start playing around the challenger once someone accepts it. The problems start with the carts filled with hot dogs starts playing around. As if that wasn’t enough, the barking shepherds look to turn your attention away. Even a stuntman with a motorcycle makes efforts to distract you.

However, there is one guy who overcomes all the obstacles and keeps staring at the device for full 60 minutes. But then how does one know if someone hasn’t’ looked away from the phone? Well, that’s the technology that Samsung has used, which is known as the eye-tracking feature. It is an effort to promote the feature and that’s why this interesting and amusing competition.

The technology allows scrolling and that too without touching the phone. It was an interesting way of promoting a new feature on a brand new phone. Now it’s Samsung’s turn to keep their eyes on the sales figures.

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