Stegosploit Can Hack Your Computer with Only an Image

Stegosploit is an innovative technique that can be used for hacking your computer with the help of only an image. The catch is you don’t even need to download the image on your PC or click any link related to it.

Stegosploit for Hacking a Computer

Technology is ever evolving – be it in the right direction or not. And Stegosploit is one example of the same. The term may not be in much use now, but it will certainly be a common household name in the near future.

The credit for developing the Stegosploit technique goes to Saumil Shah. The stegosploit ‘invention’ was presented at the Hack in the Box Conference, which was organized at Amsterdam.

How is the Technique Used?

Stegosploit is used with images inside a pixel that comes with a malicious code. This code can be used according to the liking of the hacker as to how he wishes to ‘damage’ the PC of the users.

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When the malicious image is loaded on the browser, the malware also gets downloaded on the computer automatically. There is very little a user can do regarding the stegosploit.

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More about Such Images

The images can be so easily used for such hacking that it is literally impossible to make out if the image on the screen is safe or it can impact your PC. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) are both popular image types that are used on a large scale. And JPEG and PNG are those image types are used in stegosploit.

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How was Stegosploit Developed?

Saumil Shah used steganography for developing this unique technique. Actually steganography has been in use from almost 1500. It helped in transmitting messages in hidden form that were intended to be viewed only by the recipient.

One such example, which is very popular, is conveying messages written with the help of invisible ink. Steganography helps in hiding messages that cannot be otherwise seen to naked eyes.

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How Dangerous Is This?

The amount of danger stegosploit images can make can just be imagined as such images can download virus on your PC. This in other words means, it can be as dangerous as a virus would otherwise infect your computer.

The danger also depends on what type of virus infects your machine as there are all kinds of viruses around. Some of them can steal your personal and sensitive data, while others aren’t as risky as these.

Am I At Risk?

Well, if you aren’t using a reliable anti-virus you can easily be under the gambit of stegosploit images. Right now, there are no evidences or reports that claim that a certain virus has become active due to stegosploit images.

But mind you, for hackers it’s just a question of time before we start hearing about such news.

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Security Measures You Must Adopt

Now, here are some tips to stay protected against hacking

  1. Use only authentic sites for viewing or downloading images
  2. If you feel suspicious about links in your email, the best option is never to click or open them
  3. Update your browser as well as operating system version updated
  4. Always have a trustworthy anti-virus program running on your PC whenever you are connected to internet
  5. Always stay away from spam and/or malicious emails and websites


Internet will always be full of bad people and bad elements. The risk of stegosploit images can be one of the latest headaches to netizens.

Drop in your comments if you are aware of any such means of fighting viruses and keeping our data and machines safe.

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