Steve Ballmer acquires LA Clippers for $2 billion

The former Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer acquires LA Clippers for an estimated price of $2 billion. The buyout is to be taken place along with Shelly Sterling.

Steve Ballmer acquires LA Clippers

It is, however, not certain what action does Shelly’s husband, Donald Sterling take. The legal representative of Donald Sterling said there wasn’t any decision on his part as yet.

Though it is being said that Steve Ballmer acquires LA Clippers, it is actually not sure until and unless there is a green signal from Mr. Sterling. As a matter of fact, though Mr. and Ms. Sterling share the team ownership 50-50, it is Mr. Sterling wh is the official owner according to NBA.

It is through the trust that Shelly is bidding to sell the team. According to her, she could act as the authority as the sole trustee of the Sterling Family Trust. And in this sense, she feels that she does keep the right to sell her part of the team and doesn’t feel her husband’s consent is necessary.

It remains a technical question whether the NBA would allow the sale of the team which comes without the consent of the owner that they recognize. There couldn’t be any immediate answer to Shelly’s claims from Mr. Sterling’s side due to the current unavailability of a representative.

As far as Mr. Steve Baller is concerned, he has placed his bit almost three times the price of the NBA franchisee. He said that he would feel himself honored if his name were to be suggested to the NBA Board.

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