Stretchable OLED Display: A Gift of Technology

There was a time when the Stretchable OLED Display was just a concept. Today, we are seeing it in reality. Technology has progressed so much, isn’t it?

Stretchable OLED Display


The one term that once seemed to serve the purpose of being only a term has today astonished the world of technology is easily the Stretchable OLED display. About one and a half year back, the world’s one of the most illustrious and celebrated brand Samsung had filed the patent application at the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Today on June 30, 2016, it has successfully relinquished a completely new device in its home country.

Making use of a stretchable OLED display, on which this device works, Samsung has released this device that exhibits three features in just a single gadget. Its most prominent feature is the stretchable display itself. It has a capability to transmute into a phone from a smartwatch and not forgetting into a tablet as well. Exhibiting a flexible display unit, this gadget is capable of recoiling together into a smartwatch and easing all the features that a smartwatch possess. It can then take a form of a phone whereby it provides all the benefits of having a cellular phone.

Furthermore, it has the ability to work as a tablet so that one can avail the luxuries of owning a tablet as well. Its capability to display all the features lies in its display that acts as a backbone to it having the power to crouch, fold and at the same time stretch so that it can take any shape and form.


As far as the foldable displays are concerned, the wait for the devices still continues on the market. “Project Valley” was a codename of a device that was in the news last year. Recently, Samsung had also shown off its foldable displays. However, the wait won’t be too much, it’s expected. Stretchable OLED display as well as foldable displays will soon be in our hands.



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