Strong iPhone Sales Reverse the iPad Downfall in Q2

The strong and healthy iPhone sales have helped in reversing the sales of the iPad in Q2.

Apple reported on Wednesday that the iPhone sales have been pretty strong for the second quarter that ended in March. It was reported that around 43.7 million iPhones were sold. Wall Street had predicted sales of 38 million units. So, this means the sales for Apple have been way too high than expected.

iPhone sales

The rise in the sales of the devices also resulted in having more revenue for the company. The prediction from Wall Street was $43.5 billion, whereas Apple registered revenues worth $45.6 billion. This is easily a record for an entire working quarter with no holidays.

However, the sales for iPad were a bit disappointing. The sales fell down by 16% to settle at 16.4 million units. Apple itself has the answer to the problem. The sales of iPad Mini declined because the company wasn’t able to cope up with the demand during the 2012 holiday season.

This prompted Apple to have more production during the January-March quarter that again boosted the sales. Apple feels that they were better able to serve the demand of the iPads during the last year’s holidays.Apple iPad, iPhone sales

iPhone sales may have been great, but it remains to be seen if Apple can come up with a novel product that can take the industry by storm. The investors as well as the entire Silicon Valley will have their eyes on Apple and their products. Apple will have tough competition to face as there is already a contest between them and companies like Samsung. Even Google is eating the share in the market from their mobile devices.

There were various reports regarding the iPhone 6. Rumors were that the device will have 10MP camera and 389ppi Ultra-Retina display. And according to the Nikkei report, the device will be launched in September, which is the time for Apple to launch the latest version of the company’s product. The display of the upcoming iPhone will also be expectedly larger. This should provide a much-needed lift to Apple.

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