Surface Phone may Target Enterprise Market

Microsoft’s future surface phone could be targeted at the enterprise marketplace. So, how would it help in the enterprise business?

Surface Phone

Kevin Gallo is Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Windows, the Corporations future mobile phone a handset that was frequently known to by unofficial statement as the Surface Phone will be a high-end brand which provides services to the enterprise division of the smartphone marketplace. In the current statement, Microsoft’s Windows Phone is in the procedure of going down the small market share it somehow had managed to hold on.


Furthermore, Windows 10 Mobile phone did not pick off as Microsoft required it to. The Lumia 950 as well as the Lumia 950 XL did poor business, because of deprived app selection as well as what appears to be an unfinished Windows 10 Mobile OS. Constructing on this, Microsoft had significantly sliced the assignment in the mobile business in the last two years. The software giant has sold off the smartphone brand Nokia, to a new established organization in Finland.

Considering the fact that Microsoft had struggled in grabbing the smartphone, lots may be wondering what intentions Microsoft has for the smartphone market? Communicating at a current Build Tour, Kevin Gallo, corporate VP of Windows, identified that Microsoft hasn’t discarded its Win10 Mobile. As per The Register, the corporate VP of Windows, that keeping in mind future, Microsoft will pay more focus on the enterprise divisions, considering the smartphone editions of the company’s operating system. Gallo supposedly told that the earlier strategy of the US-based software giant of dishing out to the basic arms of the market will never gain profits if things went this way.

Now, what we need to check is if the Surface Phone will be made available to mainstream phone users or will it remains restricted to only the enterprise users. The thing is that Microsoft’s devices will be “powerhouses” according to rumors in the past. They said the Surface phones will be powered by SD830, will have nearly 8GB of RAM and will be a solid piece with 128GB storage.


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