Surprising market share for Windows XP for January 2014

Microsoft’s operating system Windows XP might be an old horse in the business. But it did get an unexpected and surprising market share for January 2014. This shows that the OS is still very much alive and kicking even after 13 years of its existence.

The OS has certainly become old-fashioned and is likely to be suspended in the coming three months or so. The market share of the Windows OS increased by as much as 0.25%, that took the total share to 29%.

It must also be mentioned that the Windows 8.1 has gone ahead of the Windows Vista in terms of the market share. Windows 8.1 now has 3.9% and the Vista version has 3.3% of the share.

This brings Windows 8.1 just behind the Windows 7 in terms of popularity, placing this particular version of the OS at the fourth place, whereas the other OSes are Windows XP and Windows 8 in that order. Even if both the Windows and Windows 8.1 editions are put together, this OS remains as many as two times as popular.

It must also be mentioned that even when both the versions of the Windows 8 OS are associated, the Windows XP is used by thrice more users. And as a matter of fact, the Windows 8.1 upgrade has been around for more than four months now.

And as far as the Windows 7 OS version is taken into account, it has already grabbed more than 46% of the market share.

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