Suspected iPhone 6 Dummy Has Rounded Edges

The suspected iPhone 6 dummy may have rounded edges, it is being suspected. The presence of the iPhone 6 images has once again given a lot to speak of for the rumormongers as well.

iPhone 6 Dummy

The ‘release’ of the iPhone 6 images on the web has once again given the Apple iPhone followers a ‘treat’. The dummy images have found way through via GSM Arena.

The images show the dummy iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen that is measured by a digital sliding gauge. According to the claims made for the iPhone 6 dummy, the phone will have dimensions of 137.5 mm X 67 mm X 7mm.

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On the other hand, the dimensions of the iPhone 5S were 123.8 mm X 58.6 mm X 7.6 mm. This means, the iPhone 6 can have a larger screen.

There were earlier leaks about this iPhone 6 model, which also spoke of the screen size of 4.7 inches. So, these latest leaks remain in line with what had been leaked earlier. There were also reports in the past, where Apple had indicated that they would enter the battle for the screen with the iPhone 6 being launched in two variants, namely the 5.5 inch and the 4.7 inch screen.

iPhone 6 Dummy

The US-based company was known to be testing a phone with higher resolution for the iPhone device that would make its debut sometime later this year. That was, of course, one of the two alleged iPhone 6 models. It would have a resolution of 960 X 1704 pixels as against the 640 X 1136 pixel resolution for models like iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which all come in 4 inch screen size.

It now remains to be seen what the iPhone 6 dummy has in store for us. The leaked images of the iPhone 6 might not speak too false.

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