SwiftKey Incognito Mode Won’t Save Your Data; Update Rolling

SwiftKey Beta channel will now support Swiftkey incognito mode. Now you are all free to type words with the keyboard and it won’t remember anything. The update comes with several new features.

SwiftKey Incognito Mode

SwiftKey incognito mode

The SwiftKey Beta update supports expansion that will further help you to save an entire lot of keystrokes. Let’s keep an eye on the entire changelog. The SwiftKey incognito mode is the latest support that comes with the new beta. Now, it has shortcuts for text expansion support. Furthermore, the latest SwiftKey app update comes with the support for Latin layout which enables a user to choose the said layout when typing password or email field. All the arrow keys can now be reached on the main layouts.

The incognito mode update rolls out along with some fixes as well. The red underline problem on some of the locales and Android Nougat has been fixed now. A user can make use of the virtual keyboard when he gets connected to a physical keyboard on Android Nougat.

SwiftKey incognito mode

Users can access the incognito mode right from the quick settings that can be found on the keyboard. So whenever you turn on the incognito mode, you will be able to see the dark theme along with a mask in the background. And after enabling it, the keyboard won’t save the data and it won’t remember a single word.

SwiftKey incognito mode

Additionally, there is a provision for you to access your personal information that has been added the similar way as the new text expansion items. The information can be found on clipboard menu. So you have to add a few texts and make a shortcut. Now whenever you are typing the particular shortcut, you will get a suggestion of the text you’ve entered. All you need to do is just press the space bar (on the keyboard).

Well, people who are using the app on tablets also gets a good news as the SwiftKey incognito mode is delivering an option of full arrow key row on the bottom side.

SwiftKey incognito mode

The SwiftKey incognito mode has just started rolling so we hope to see these features in the app in coming days (not too soon though). Meanwhile, do share your experiences with SwiftKey Beta.


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