Swiftmoji Keyboard: Predict Next Emoji with this Keyboard

SwiftKey has brought out Swiftmoji Keyboard – a new predictive keyboard that will predict the emojis that you want to use next. Isn’t that exciting?

Swiftmoji Keyboard

The Swiftmoji Keyboard is the new “very in” thing. There was a time when the concept of the emoji was very new to us. Yet the idea of using it always excited us. After all it was one of the most expressive texts that one could exchange. They didn’t need to type two to three words in order to make one understand that what they are feeling. Mostly it was just a fun activity and was used for the sole purpose of humour.

Then it started changing courses to various emotions. Later on these “emojis” started taking the shape of various little and big expressions of our daily activities. In the new Swiftmoji Keyboard, SwiftKey emoji feature is something that needs to be appreciated. The most important thing here is the fact that these are predictive emojis and are the ones which can be very fun to use as you don’t know what appears next as the prediction.

Swiftmoji Keyboard

It is as if somehow they manage to predict the very next emotion one needs to show. These emojis are extremely helpful while trying to converse. They give out a list of suggestive emojis which states that exactly kind will match the situation that one is talking about. This particular bar of emoji right above the keyboard can be very much undocked from it. Then one can actually drag it around till they have had enough of fun.

This means, with Swiftmoji Keyboard, you can view any part of your phone’s screen at any time by moving the bar around. Let’s know your comments about the Swiftmoji Keyboard if you happen to use if and put in your experience below, so our readers will know about the new feature as well.


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