Tablet market growth on the decline

The chances of market growth for the tablets are seen to be going on the decline. The prime reason for the waning is said to be the popularity of the Smartphones with bigger and larger screens. The market saturation of the tabs in the United States is also looked at as a culprit.

The tab market saturation is experienced at other markets of the world as well. So, a stage has arrived as there are hardly any more takers for the tablets as it used to be before. However, the effects won’t be visible in the immediate future.

As a matter of fact, the devices from Apple like iPad and tabs from some other companies will also be making good sells in this holiday season. It is being predicted that the shipment will increase up to 54% in this year and will settle at 221.3 million.

The growth will come down to 22% growth in the next year. Until around 2017, the growth will be less than just 10%. However, it can come as a surprise that the tabs are coming out as one of the best holiday gifts this season. Even the companies like Samsung and Amazon took advantage of the holiday period and made available the devices just in time.

There is no doubt that Apple holds the edge with their devices like the iPad. However, Samsung and Amazon are proving to be a huge challenge to Apple this time around.

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