Now talk with dead people with their digitally reconstructed avatars

There is no end to scientific inventions and in one of the latest examples you will be able to talk with the dead people with their digitally reconstructed avatars.

This will be possible due to a special software program that has been built Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the researchers. A startup of the MIT’s entrepreneurship program has made claim that the users can become ‘immortal’ with the help of their computer machine. is the name of the service that is staring at an early launch that may happen in the near future. It will build the personality of the person once they have passed away.

According to the information on the site, the program collects all the information about a person during his entire lifetime. The information is then processed with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms that are indeed very complex.

The avatar that is created with this artificial intelligence almost perfectly copies you. So, it is pretty exciting to come back alive and even a sort of fun for the friends and the family members to see you come back to ‘life’ in this way and even interact with.

The concept of bringing back a person alive in this manner isn’t actually a new one. However, it will still take time for the MIT researchers to bring the stories of science fictions in real life in this manner.

So, if you are interested in bringing yourself back to life after you leave this world, all you have to do register with this service. To be able to map you, you will need to provide the service with some various sorts of accesses like your emails, your social networking accounts and the various chats that you are involved in.

All the data will assist the developers in developing a digital you.

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