Ten Best Smartphones for Music to Rock and Roll

You will very easily find the best Smartphones for music in today’s world of Smartphones. A simple search will give you very interesting results where you can have lots of options to choose from.

Everyone loves music and everyone wants to keep their music collection with themselves. Smartphones have taken music experience to a new level by adding different music playing options and great music players.

Best Smartphones for Music

If you going to buy a smartphone for your music needs then we have list of best Smartphones for music.

1 HTC One

Featuring one of the best speakers in mobile phone, HTC One is the best music Smartphone available. The Beats audio speakers are incredible in their sound quality and are so good that it can compete with any of your music players. The smartphone comes with 32GB memory that can hold up your entire music library with an ease. Sound quality is quite great and doesn’t feels noisy, all these features together makes it one of the best Smartphones for music.

2 iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S is one of the best sounding smartphone in the market. Music on iPhone 5S is detailed, smooth and clear. Coming with an option of 16, 32 and 64 GB with incredible music player enhances music experience. Sound quality is amazing and the smoothness can be felt with the music. You can also download other music players from app store and unleash its true potential. It certainly is among the best Smartphones for music players.


3 Sony Xperia Z

Sony has always been known for its audio and video quality, so when it comes to smartphone people expect the same. The smartphones remains intact on user expectations. The smart interfaced music player delivers pleasing music to your ear.


4 Samsung Galaxy S3

With about 32 GB internal memory, expandable up to 64 GB it provides more than enough space to handle all your music library. With tons of music features available, music lovers are surely going to like this smartphone.

5 Google Nexus 5

Nexus range of smartphone has always been popular among hardcore Android lovers. With 16/32 GB memory, loud speakers, 3.5 mm jack and dedicated volume control it has become quite famous among music lovers.


6 HTC Butterfly

Music lovers can go crazy over this phone because of its unique feature of audio streaming without packet loss. The available HD media link supports tons of music and a dedicated audio chip is present for amplification. This phone can play all formats of music files and thus stands tall in our list of best Smartphones for music.

7 Sony Xperia C

Available with Sony’s Walkman player, the xLoud feature and clear audio mode makes it a complete musical package. The other features include Clear stereo, Clear Phase and Clear Bass which sums up the whole music experience.


8 Nokia Lumia 525

One of the best phones in the segment, Lumia 525 offers decent music experience. The music quality and speakers are good. With Nokia Music app you can purchase music directly from your phone. It is one of the best Smartphones for music among windows phone available in the market.

9 Samsung Galaxy Note 2

With an impressive 5.5 inch screen and a 8 MP camera, the phone is not only famous for the features and specifications it houses but also for the advance music options and quality it delivers.


10 Sony Xperia T

With 16GB internal memory and 1.5 GHz processor this smartphone becomes a great choice for playing and storing your favourite songs in all formats. The Walkman series music player is designed to deliver best experience to your ears. The music player takes the Walkman series legacy to a new level, sound is clear and crisp and can engage you for hours. It certainly is one of the best Smartphones for music.

This completes our list of the best Smartphones for music lovers. If you feel any suggestions to improve this list, please do add in comments below.

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