US trade panel holds up verdict in the Apple-Samsung court fight

The US International Trade Commission has held up the verdict in the Apple-Samsung court fight. The trade panel has delayed the deadline as long as next Tuesday. The ruling was on if Apple has infringed any patent that is owned by Samsung in manufacturing gadgets like iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

The panel had earlier said that the decision would be made on Friday, but later postponed it until June 4. However, it was unclear as to why the panel had decided to put off the decision for four-five days. There was no reason on the part of the panel.

In an earlier ruling in last September, it was declared that Samsung hadn’t infringed on any patents. However, the full commission would soon show up in the hearing and that is being awaited. It has been almost three years now that Apple has been battling international patent wars.

Apart from Samsung, Apple is also in a legal battle with Google with its Android mobile OS. Other major companies that use Android OS are HTC and Samsung.

According to Gartner, a research company, with confident steps, Samsung has emerged as the largest Smartphone makers in the world, whereas Apple sits in the third place. The Galaxy touchscreen tabs are considered to be the key competitor to iPad even though they are in the second place.

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