What you can do with the Nokia Lumia 925 camera

Recently Nokia released the Nokia Lumia 925 in London. The latest Smartphone sports a lot of similarities to the other Lumia models from Nokia – the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 928. However, the Lumia 925 has an advantage when it comes to camera and the exciting new features found in this new Lumia model.
The Lumia 925 is built with Nokia’s Smart Camera mode. The presence of the options for editing the images as per the user’s liking makes it favorite. Here are some of them.

Action Shot:

With an action shot, it is possible to add several frames to the selected image. As the multiple frames get set in order, there comes a sense of an action being performed or taking place and hence this name to the feature.

Best Shot:

As the name suggests, it is the best out of the rest. This feature allows the user to select that single best shot out of the possible 10 frames. So you never miss out on the best available shot.

Change Faces:

With this feature, the user can choose different faces from various frames. This makes sure that there is no more the wideness in the faces of the people in the images.

Remove Objects:

And what do you think you can do with this function? If you thought you can remove the bombers in the images, then you are right. Edit the images and you can kick out the worst parts off the pictures.

Motion Focus:

This feature is used especially for the background of the images. With this, the users are able to motion blur in the back. The option allows blurring from less blurring to more.

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