The Samsung Galaxy S5: Rumors and Speculations

Even as the storm created by various news items about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its various variants hasn’t even died down, there are speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Smartphone major hasn’t completed its data work on the Galaxy S4 that the Galaxy S5 is in the wings.

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 have made everyone busy. Experts in the field are trying to predict the specifications, the price as well as the features of the Smartphone.Samsung Galaxy S5

As a matter of fact, there is no official word from the launch or any other information about the Samsung Galaxy S5 yet. But when Samsung brought out the Galaxy S4 after the Galaxy S3 people have started to expect the Galaxy S5.

But those who are honestly expecting the Galaxy S5, take a deep breath. If some of the reports that are also doing the rounds of the internet are to be believed, it might take at least one year until we see the Galaxy S5.

The reports are claiming that the gadget could be launched in the first half of the next year only.

What could be new in the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Leaks about the Smartphone suggest there could be a fingerprint detection technology. Samsung has always been known to bring out innovative features. So who knows, this rumor could turn out to be a reality?

The innovations in Smartphones haven’t really gone beyond the fast processors and eye-catching displays. So this fingerprint detection could be a certain security feature if things fall in place.

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