This Is The First Indian Video To Reach 1 Billion Hits, Have You Seen It Yet? [Video]

An Indian YouTube Video has garnered over billion views. The animated kids’ video was made by the ChuChu TV by redoing the nursery rhyme “Johny Johny Yes Papa.”

ChuChu TV

ChuChu TV
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If anyone said that an Indian video has been watched on YouTube for over a billion times, we would not believe it or think maybe the video would be a Hollywood trailer. But, guess what? The first video from India that got a billion hits on YouTube is neither a romcom, action nor a tech video, but a video compilation of nursery rhymes by ChuChu TV from Chennai.

ChuChu TV “Johny Johny Yes Papa”

The “Johny Johny Yes Papa” nursery rhymes compilation video was the first Indian video to hit one billion views. This is mainly because ChuChu TV added a new side to the classic rhyme. ChuChu TV has recently also signed a deal with Amazon Prime. In a recent interview regarding the remarkable achievements by the channel, ChuChu TV founder, and CEO Vinoth Chandar expressed how it all started and what they do at present.

It All Began At Home

ChuChu TV founder said that he always showed nursery YouTube videos to his then 2-year old daughter, which she enjoyed the most. His daughter’s excitement inspired him to create a 2D image of her and animate it. Chandar said that, when he first created a 2D image of his chubby daughter and made the ‘Chubby Cheeks’ animation from it, she liked it a lot. This led to the idea of uploading the animation to YouTube. The video received three lakh views in two weeks, something that he had never expected. Hence, began the journey of ChuChu TV.

ChuChu TV’s Giant Growth

After “Chubby Cheeks”, CEO Vinoth Chandar made the second video on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that had a better reach compared to the first one. When the channel reached over 5K subscribers, Chander and his partners at Buddies Infotech founded ChuChu TV that made animated videos for kids between age one and seven. Today, ChuChu TV is proudly the top ranking channel in Asia Pacific ahead of all the other genres and holds global second rank in education genre in YouTube. In four years of its existence, ChuChu TV has made great progress. It is worth noting that the Channel holds global 15th Rank in the all-genre category.


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