Three new Android One Smartphones launched in India

As many as three Android One Smartphones have been launched for the Indian market. The phones are budget phones and still are of high quality. As these are budget phones with high quality, it least needs to be mentioned that they will create more competition in India. India has always welcomed new phones with great warmth and Android One Smartphones will be one of them.

Android One Smartphones

These Android One phones are built with a minimum number of features, according to Google. To bring down the production costs, Google has sourced many of the components already.

To make things run smoother, Google has also joined hands with a service provider. This will make it low cost to get latest apps or Android updates.

Cost of the New Android One Smartphones


The first lot of the mobile phones is on offer. It is estimated that the price of the Android One Smartphones could be around Rs. 6,399. This equals to somewhere in the region of $105 or £65. However, the price is for contract-free devices.

It is understood that three Indian companies have brought out the first of the Android One Smartphones.


Micromax is the first of the companies in India to have made the Android One gadgets. Apart from Micromax, Spice and Karbonn have also made the Android One Smartphones. As mentioned above, Google has set a minimum specs to meet for the Android One.

  • There should be 5 inch display for the handset (11.4cms)
  • The RAM should be 1GB
  • The device should have quadcore processor that is sourced from Taiwanese company Mediatek
  • The device must have two cameras – the rear camera should be 5MP and the front camera must have 2MP lens
  • The device should be capable of running the next Android version
  • This is not the end of requirements. The device should be able to support micro-SD card slot, a FM radio, replaceable battery.

The Android One Smartphones come with Airtel – one of India’s premier carriers. The customers will get the advantage of downloading the Android updates without any deduction. Moreover, users also get to download 200MB of apps from Google Play.

Google’s Customized Apps for India

Google has also added that they have customized apps especially for India. This is done keeping in mind the inclination the Indian customers can have. One of them is the ability to book railway tickets and view cricket score. These are available in the card results of Google Now.

YouTube’s offline version is also available. This means you can watch YouTube videos without having to pay any extra charges.


It is projected that near about 400 million of such Android One Smartphones are expected to be sold in India in the next five years. If Google’s surveys are anything to go by, currently only one out of 10 people in India own Smartphones. And with the advent of Android One Smartphones, the number is likely to grow very fast.

This will be the second launch of Smartphones in India apart from the mainstream operating systems. In August last the Fire One Mi FX1 was launched that carried the Firefox operating system. And following close on the heels is the launch of the Android One Smartphones, will no doubt add fire to the competition in the Indian market.

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