Three Simple Ways to Reduce Gmail Inbox Size

You may wonder how to reduce Gmail inbox size even if they are offering a huge 15GB storage. Almost every netizen today has a Gmail account and at some point in time, the predicament of cleaning up the inbox comes up as a challenge. The inbox gets filled up so soon, we don’t even realize.

But one thing one does realize it is time to reduce Gmail inbox size by weeding out the unnecessary mails that are sitting in the inbox for no reason at all. It is time to take a look at how you can do away with mails that you do not need and free up Gmail inbox space.

Tips to Reduce Gmail Inbox Size

#1. Find Big Mail

Find Big Mail was probably the only app used for finding such huge mails to reduce Gmail inbox size as has been mentioned below. Even if Gmail has such features now, Find Big Mail still is as popular as it was before. The reason is that it automates the process to search for the mails so they can be deleted without any headache.

To use this app, follow the steps given below.

  • Open Find Big Mail in your browser and enter your Gmail address.
  • Click Find Big Mail.
  • Google will ask your permission to authorize the app so that you can initiate the process to reduce Gmail inbox size.
  • After giving the permission the app will start scanning your inbox. The app gives priority to your privacy so it will not be able to view your content, but just will know the size. You will also be altered after the scanning.
  • FindBigMail – Top, FindBigMail > 1MB, FindBigMail > 5MB, FindBigMail > 10MB are the four types of labels you will see. Select mails from this list and reduce Gmail inbox size.

Use Search Filters from Gmail

Have you tried sorting Gmail mails by date, size or the name of the sender (alphabetically?) Even if you tried finding it, you won’t find such sorting options. In fact, Google hasn’t incorporated these features. However, they have made up with other search filters. Follow the following steps.

Searching by Size

  • After signing to Gmail reach out for the search bar.
  • You may wish to target those mails that are eating up the most space. So, you can find such huge mails to start with.
  • Key in “larger:5M” and search by either clicking on the magnifying glass icon or hitting the enter button. This will display mails with size larger than 5MB.
  • Select mails that you do not wish to keep and trash them.

Reduce Gmail inbox size

Note: You may enter higher file size to search bigger mails. This will help you reduce Gmail inbox size more easily.

Searching by Date

  • You may even wish to search mails by date to free up Gmail inbox space. For that the format you have to use is “Before:yyyy/mm/dd”
  • This will identify the cutoff date. For searching mails that are some years old, you can use “older_than:years”. This will allow you to search mails that are old by “n” number.
  • There are actually a lot of syntaxes and combinations you can use. But do not be bothered to remember all them.Reduce Gmail inbox size

There is an arrow pointing down that will show you advanced search options. With them you can apply these filters to reduce Gmail inbox size.

Paid service – Mailstorm

There is even a paid service to reduce Gmail inbox size. Mailstorm is actually another app like Find Big Mail. To give you an idea of its working ability to free up Gmail inbox space, the app allows you to delete up to 600 mails entirely free. However, after that it costs a monthly fee of Rs. 300.

The best part about Mailstorm is that it can sort mails for you from various senders. You can also unsubscribe from any newsletters.

  • You will have to authorize the app like Find Big Mail.
  • After that, you will be able to view your inbox through this app.
  • And yes, depending on how large your inbox it, it will eat up the time to reduce Gmail inbox size.

Clearing the inbox data is a matter of a few seconds. It is fast and lightning. It will not take too long before you reduce Gmail inbox size.

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