Thunderbolt 5K Display from Apple to Have Integrated GPU

The Thunderbolt 5K display from the house of Apple is said to be coming with an integrated GPU. What’s the truth behind the story?

Thunderbolt 5K Display

Nobody knows it for sure, but have you heard about the Thunderbolt 5K display. It is said that Apple now is working on it which is supposed to launch this year. Reporters have somehow come to know that they are building a 5120 x 2880 monitor. They have decided to put an incorporated GPU into the display. Apple has always been trying to make the MacBook as thinner and lighter as possible but they are unable to include the powerful GPUs.

So, they are trying out new ways to develop a MacBook with a 5K display. And this may be the Thunderbolt 5K display that we are talking of. It is understood that they are going to use a USB-C port Thunderbolt 3 but it would not be compatible with the latest MacBook. So, the Thunderbolt 5K display might be out of equation here.


It can use something similar to it like the iMac along with a DCI P3 color range. The updates in the operating system would let them decide whether they will use an internal graphics or an external GPU. They can use either of the one. If you are eager to know more about the latest updates, you need to wait for it as some of the things are under the wraps regarding the Thunderbolt 5K display.

There may be some more things that have been kept a secret. However, these are some of the things that are heard about Apple’s Thunderbolt 5K display. If you are a Mac-lover, wait for it because in most probability it is going to launch it this year. We bet the wait will be worth it, isn’t it?


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