Tim Cook: “The Best Is Yet To Come,” Gives No Info On iPhone 8 Specs

We have seen a lot of features in the iPhones that weren’t seen in other phones. However, the iPhone 8 specs promises to be a breed apart. How much will that prove to be true? Is the best really yet to come?

iPhone 8 Specs


The new iPhone 8 specs will be way better than the iPhone 7 according to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. iPhone 7, the fastest phone that we have known yet, wanes before the iPhone 8 specs, because of its lack of innovative features and ingenious design. Something was always missing. However, you can take a look at the concept images and do decide if they are reality or not.

The new iPhone 8 fills that gap in the imagination of the masses. It is speculated that the iPhone 8 will launch around the end of the current year.

An innovative phone from Apple is long overdue. Its sales had been declining over the past year. Tim Cook, in his official message, described the iPhone’s first launch as a ‘blockbuster debut.’ He further added,

“iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.”

However, there were no iPhone 8 specs given out in the message. Speculations are rife about the design and the features of the new iPhone 8. It’s likely that the Apple phone will come in three sizes with glass backs and iPhone 8 specs could include an ‘all-glass design’, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an industry analyst with KGI Securities.

According to yet another source, Apple could add wireless charging to its repertoire of features with the iPhone 8. If true, this would be a first for Apple phones. With very little information about the iPhone 8 specs, it ‘s hard to guess what it is going to be like. Some sources say that Apple could finally come up with an OLED display. Again, this is only speculation and nothing is known for certain about the new iPhone.

Sources say that the launch of the iPhone 8 could be accompanied by the launch of two other improved models, the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus. These will probably sport the same design and features of the iPhone 7 already in the market.


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