Tips for creating a strong and secure password – what you should avoid

The recent hacking of nearly two million accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo has once again raised a question mark on the type of passwords people use on the net. It has been noticed that the passwords like “1234”, “12345”, “1234567890” and the word “password” itself are used like a password.

Cybersecurity firm, Trustwave, which is located in Chicago has come up with the findings. Therefore, it is necessary that we as internet users use passwords that are not so common to imagine. The above-mentioned passwords are too common to term the passwords in the first place.

Instead of knowing what you should have as passwords, you must first know what you need to stay away from. Here are some tips to help you get stronger and secure passwords.

What you should avoid

Avoid your name as password

Using your first or last name as a password is one of the most horrible blunders to happen to you. You are pretty much likely to be known by a certain community of people on the internet. So, it is likely that your first and the last name may be commonly known online. Always avoid using these names for passwords.

Avoid the names of famous personalities as password

If you come from Brazil, it is likely that you are a fan of someone like Ronaldo or Pele. If you come from a place like India, you are more often than not likely to follow Sachin Tendulkar. So, the place where you come from may up to some extent reveal your likes or dislikes. Such names are easy to guess. So, avoid the names of such famous personalities as your passwords.

Avoid your birth date as password

One of the most commonly found passwords is your birth date itself. Why is that so? The reason is that it is easy for you to remember. But you might have disclosed your password without your knowledge. There are many places on the web where you may leave your birth date and forget or not know about it. Hackers can have a go at such passwords too. Always avoid using your birth date for passwords.

Avoid your phone number as password

Like the names or your birth date, the phone number of a mobile number is also a commonly used password and an invitation to allow your account to be hacked easily. Always avoid using your mobile number for passwords.

Never use the same password on multiple sites

Many people have the habit of using the same password on multiple sites. That is also not a good idea. The more variety you have, the better. If possible, use different passwords for different sites.

Never share your password

And last, but not the least, never share your password with anyone ever on the net no matter how your relations are. The password is your key to make an entry in the world of your favorite web site. And who would like to allow anyone to encroach on the private space?

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