Tips for Creating a Strong and Secure Password – What You Can Do

In the previous article, we talked about how you can create a strong and secure password. Now, it is time to have a look at things that you must avoid in order to have stronger and more secure passwords.

What you can do

Use combination of upper and lower case

One of the best ways of using a strong password is using the combination of upper case and lower case letters. Passwords are case sensitive, which means it differentiates between “A” and “a” – without those quotes of course. So, the option of using the cases gives you more choices to make a secure password.

Use letters and numbers together

Many web sites allow the use of letters along with numbers. If you use a combination of upper case and lower case letters along with numbers, you can create a pretty secure and strong password.

Choose longer passwords

The longer the passwords, the more secure they are. Longer passwords aren’t easy to crack. So, the length of the passwords also matter. Many sites ask for not less than eight characters for your password. There are strength indicators for passwords. So you know how secure and strong your password can be.

Combine different passwords together

Using the combination of two passwords to create a third one isn’t’ a bad idea at all. That will make the passwords more secure. And if the passwords that you combine are already strong and secure, the third password will virtually be untraceable.

Write down your password

The reason for using similar passwords for multiple sites could be the ease of remembering them. How many of us really write down our passwords? Avoiding the trouble of writing the password makes one lazy and use the same password on more than one site. So, write down your password using a traditional means like a pen and paper. There’s no need to remember them in that case. And yes, don’t forget to keep the paper securely in your home.

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