A few tips on internet security

Today, the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives and so has the internet security. It is pretty hard to imagine life without the internet. Be it playing games, spending time on the social-networking sites or making online payments and purchases, internet has touched our lives like never before.

Now, when we talk about the e-com business, the first thing that comes to mind is using the sensitive data like the card numbers and passwords. Here are a few tips on the internet security.

There was a time when we used to talk about avoiding putting key information on the internet like the debit or credit card numbers and its passwords, etc. But due to the increase in online shopping, one cannot do away with using the information for processing the orders. So, you need to check two things here.

First of all, make sure that the web site address of the site begins with “https” instead of the standard “http”. Also do not forget to check out the lock icon next to “https”. The icon stands for a secure connection and you can safely go ahead with your transactions.

Secondly, use a virtual keyboard instead of your standard keyboard. The virtual keyboard does not count the keystrokes or the ASCII codes. So, it is virtually impossible for the cookies to ‘record’ your password.

Enable Secure Browsing wherever possible. Facebook is one such example that allows you to browse securely.

As far as passwords are concerned, make them long and ‘complicated’ in a way so that others won’t be able to guess your password. And make it a point not to use the same password for multiple sites. It will make access to other people easier in that case. Here are a few tips on the dos of creating a strong password and things you should avoid when creating a strong password.

Avoid use your primary or your main email ID for sharing it on social networking sites or with other people. Keep separate IDs for your work purpose and for communicating with friends and family. You can generate another email ID for this purpose.

On most occasions you shouldn’t see any emails asking for your information such as name or other personal details like email IDs or phone numbers. At least the legit companies don’t do it. And if you are getting such mails, you know what you need to do, right?

Many times things are pretty simpler. Just make sure you keep them simple enough. Remain safe and stay secure.

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