Tips to speed up your computer

In one of our earlier articles we had taken a look at things on improving your computer speed. However, there are many more things that contribute to the performance of a computer and therefore, there are more factors that have a say on a speed of a computer. Let us have a look at them now.

Start up programs

Your operating system like Windows and the machine itself can be considerably slowed down if there are many programs on the start up. At times there are many unnecessary programs in the startup folder. That will invariably add to the loading time and affect the performance.

To overcome this problem, click Start and navigate to the Programs list. There you should see the Startup in the list. Right click on the item that you want to remove. That should do the trick.

There is another way of doing this. Click Start -> Run and type msconfig. This may take some time to show up. When it is on your screen, go through the various tabs there. Uncheck the items that you do not need.


Portioning your hard disk has many advantages; one of them is to speed up your computer. You can split one hard physical drive in many more logical drives. That will help in increasing the booting time of your PC as well. Other advantages include, if you ever have a virus attack, not all the data is at risk.

If you place swap file (Win386.swp) on a different drive, the file will be lesser fragmented, thus will have faster performance.

A virus attack

Not all viruses are that dangerous. However, there are some naughty ones that will make your computer slow down considerably. It literally crawls and it can be very irritating at times. Having a good anti-virus is very essential. The need to have a good anti-virus increases if you have to use internet often. One never knows which infected file or web page or web site you will be visiting.

These are all very simple but still very effective things. Many of us either tend to ignore them or procrastinate. Taking care of these small things will go a long way in maintaining your computer.

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