Top 5 Android Apps Your Smartphone Must Have

As the year draws to a close, we take a look at the top 5 Android apps of 2014. We have selected these apps from five various categories (instead of making a list of the same apps by different companies), so you get more variety to read. The best thing is that all these apps totally free on the Play Store.

Apps are the helping hand for your Smartphone. And the presence of these apps on your device will not only make your work a lot easier, but they will also entertain you.

Top 5 Android Apps

There are loads and loads of apps designed for Android on the Google Play Store. Like the previous years, this year too there were some brilliant apps worth taking a note of. The apps are excellent in their design, navigation and the overall ease of use. Let’s start the tour.


“To do” as the words in the title suggest, it’s easy to make out that Todoist is more or less related to the works and tasks we program for ourselves. It helps you in managing your tasks, perfectly the way you want it. It is your virtual assistant and most certainly one of the top 5 Android apps. The app works on both Smartphones and tablets.

Like many such apps these days, it allows you to sync the tasks on all the gadgets you use. So, it becomes easier to access them from whichever gadget you like or you are using at that moment. It is easy to organize the to-do list with various criteria like priority, deadline, etc. And yes, you can also share the list with your friends.


SwiftKey Keyboard

One of my personal favorites and the app that I have been using myself is the SwiftKey keyboard with Emoji. Typing on your Smartphone has been lifted to the next level thanks to the SwiftKey keyboard. Typing is a breeze as you do not need to key in each letter. Just moving your hands on the letters types the word for you. It’s fast, accurate and easy.

It won’t be exaggeration to tag the SwiftKey app as being the fastest and the smartest way to type. The app also gives you colorful themes – 30 of them and supports 60+ languages worldwide. What’s more, the app can also predict next word as well as the use of emojis with messaging applications.

swiftkey keyboard


One of the top 5 Android apps is the MediSafe. There are lots of apps on Play Store regarding health and fitness. Another app in this list is MediSafe. Why it needs a mention in this list is because it helps you keep up with your medication schedule. The app alerts you well within time when it is time for you to take your pills.

The Rx function of the app helps you keep a watch on the stocks of your medicine. So, you never run out of stock. The app syncs the medical boxes of all the family members. So, it’s all in one place for everyone.



Like messaging apps, Mirage is a camera messaging app. Like multimedia messaging, Mirage allows you to send images and pictures. Does this remind you of something like Snapchat? Well, it is very likely. The app allows sending unsaved pictures to your family members and friends.

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Another similarity that strikes instantly is because the images that are once sent are deleted when the recipient views it. Sending images to someone is very easy. You just need to tap the name of the contact to send an image, like it is done in other apps to send images. This makes it one of the top 5 Android apps.



Castaround is an app that is associated with Twitter and some serious work. So, the app is useful for people who are on social networking sites, especially on Twitter and are looking for trending topics. This can also help in effectively marketing and keeping a track of the latest developments around the globe.

The app provides you with the latest and realtime stats of the tweets. These are based on the locations that are selected by you. You can also select the topics to go with the locations. Castaround can help in sketching out a plan for marketing depending on the social trends with the help of geo targeting.


These are our top 5 Android apps for 2014 that are freely available on the Play Store. If you think the list needs correction or addition, please let us know. And we can update the list.

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