Top data cards that you can bank on

These days, data cards aren’t just there for you to connect to the net. In fact, the service these cards offer these days is much more than what used to be in the recent past. Data cards also offer storage facility apart from Wi-Fi routing.  There are a lot of companies in the market that are offering data cards with various features and price tags. Let us have a look at some of them.

Tata Photon Max WiFi

The Tata Photon Max WiFi has to be on the top of the list when it comes to offering features with their data cards. The best thing, probably, what sets the Tata Photon device apart is the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. That’s not all, it can also allow you to have as many as five connections running at the same time.

It also offers a storage capacity of 16GB with its MicroSD card slot. Accessing it is pretty easy. You can use it by inserting it in the USB port of a device like your computer or laptop. You can also fix the same in the power slot and use it by inserting it in the power plug. According to the company, it provides speeds up to 6.2Mbps.

Vodafone K4201

One of the best competitors in the market happens to be the Vodafone K4201. The device costs just Rs. 999, but that’s for the postpaid consumers. It can offer downlink speeds of nearly 21.1Mbps and uplink speeds of around 5.76Mbps. The Vodafone dongle extends support to prominent OSes like Linux, Windows 8, Ubuntu and Fedora.

There is space for card slot which can be used for storing data up to 32GB. Vodafone says that the device comes with a dialer and has improved support for the users. The dongle allows the users to set limits for data usage as well.Huawei E5331 Huawei E8131

Huawei E5331 and Huawei E8131

Huawei has come up with two dongles. One is the Huawei E5331 and the other is the Huawei E8131. The former comes at a price of Rs. 3,500, while the later carries a price tag of Rs. 2,500. The Huawei E5331 allows as many as eight devices to be connected simultaneously.  It comes with a 1500mAh battery that has the power of offering five hours of non-stop usage or at least 250 hours of standby.

The download speed of the Huawei E5331 is 21.6Mbps, whereas the upload speed is 5.76Mbps. As far as the Huawei E8131 is concerned, it is blessed with Type3i technology. The company promises the device to offer nearly 20% of more download and upload speed as against the non- Type3i technology gadgets.

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