Top five features of the OX S Mavericks

Recently Apple started giving away OS X Mavericks as free download. This makes it the first of its kinds where the OS X update has become available for free. Earlier there was nearly $20 to $30 cost of the updates for the OS from Apple. The default new wallpaper is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s indeed a lot to know and explore with the new OS X Mavericks.Mavericks-desktop

Reading iBooks on the OS X gadget or iOS

Mavericks is now available with the desktop iBooks app. This allows you to read the electronic books right there on your Mac. What’s more, you will be able to sync the library among the Apple devices. This makes it possible to continue reading on your favorite device from where you left off earlier from your Mac. This comes in handy when you are travelling. Your iPad or iPhone becomes your medium to read the iBooks along your journey.

Improved battery life

Who does not want an improved battery backup for their devices? According to Apple, the MacBook will get at least one hour of battery life push. And there will also be around one-and-a-half-hours of more iTunes movie playback. This may probably be just about enough for one more movie until the battery backup gets exhausted.

The more backup time is made possible by knowing what the apps are that are exactly sucking the most part of the battery. This is vital when you are away from home and need to save on your battery. Shutting down the battery-eating apps should help. Clicking on the battery icon will display the apps that are consuming the most amount of battery.

Healthier support for multiple-display

Many people need to work with loads of windows open at the same time. The enhanced support for multiple-display has made it a lot easier for working in such a scenario. The great thing is that every display will come with its individual menu bar. Isn’t that great! But there is something even greater.

The dock will be able to switch automatically to the active window once the cursor is moved towards the bottom of your screen. This simply shows that the new OS has easily become more compatible with multiple displays. Working in such a healthy environment no doubt, boosts the speed of the work.

Sending directions to iPhone from Maps

The OS X Mavericks is built with Apple Map’s desktop version. This means you can explore things from the new OS just the same way as you used to do with your iPad or iPhone. The only difference, for the better, is that this time you will be able to view things on a larger screen – the desktop screen.Mavericks Maps

The feature that we are talking about is looking up for the directions on the Mac and sending the same to your iPhone. You can do this before you leave for a certain place to visit (probably for the first time and that’s why you do not know the directions). The map will guide you towards your destination.

Notifications improved

The improvements in Notifications are a tad minor. However, there are enough improvements to get it in this list. The improvements have made the Notifications pretty much better than before. Now with the improvements, you will be able to send replies to Emails or IMs right from the Notifications screen. In other words, you do not have to open any other app for this.

Notifications can also be set in Safari. This can even be done for the web sites of your choice.  This will allow you to get notifications only for those sites.

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