Top Five Android Lollipop Security Features You Must Know

There are some key Android Lollipop security features that you must know for being able to use the OS version more effectively. The latest version of the operating system has been made more user-friendly.

Android Lollipop Security Features

With the introduction of this version of the Android L, Google has certainly brought in something new in the market – a new game. Why the new Android version is different? The Material Design UI is what makes the difference. Actually, this new Android version isn’t like any of the previous ones.

Let us have a look at what the Android Lollipop security features have to offer

Intelligent Lock

Let’s start with security first. Google has tried to bring in the intelligent locking system for your device to be kept safe. This feature can help secure your Android device as it can be paired with any other of your Android device. This can include your Smartphone, any wearable device and not to forget your car.

Today, the password or locking pattern system is used on a wide basis. And this is exactly what Google is trying to change. Google hopes the new intelligent locking will replace the traditional lock system.

The phone can be unlocked when it comes in range in with Bluetooth range, paired devices or your device that is NFC enable. If you use a Smartwatch and pair it with Android, it can be unlocked even when the devices are held closer to each other. This makes it one of the best Android Lollipop security features.

Pin Selected App to Screen

As the title suggests, you can pin the selected app to your screen. You can give access to someone else apart from you to your phone and that person will be able to use only that app. This can be handful especially for parents.

Parents will now be able to allow their kids to use only those apps that they feel are safe for children. This includes certain apps and games that parents want their children to access and wish to keep them away from.



Inbuilt Encryption

The inbuilt encryption feature did exist in the earlier versions too. However, it could be used only when it was needed. No wonder, it was known to a very few people. However, Google has come up with a pretty important rectification. Now, one of the Android Lollipop security features will be inbuilt encryption and that too by default.

Google has turned the feature on for Android 5.0. This simply means this advanced security feature will help in keeping the data safer than before. For the layman, it simple words, it means your data will stay safe even if a hacker tries to get control of it.

SELinux Enforcing

SELinux stands for Security Enhanced Linux. It goes well with all the apps on a gadget. The most important thing is that it is one of the best Android Lollipop security features for protecting your Smartphone or Android device. It protects your device against all the possible vulnerabilities as well as malware.

Developed almost 14 years ago in 2000, by the NSA, the system is highly recommended and is reliable as well. It potentially blocks all the external threats. The high level of security it offers is virtually unbreakable and your device stays safe.

Guest Mode

Another of the Android Lollipop security features is the Guest Mode. Of late, this feature has become omnipresent in Android devices. And for Android 5.0 powered gadget, it is there always. There was provision for having several user accounts on an Android-run device. Now, with the Guest Mode, it is possible to create a brand new account for anyone.

As far as the guest is concerned, it looks as if one is starting right from the factory settings. However, once everything from the guest is done, the data and any other info can be cleaned up easily.


These are the prominent five Android Lollipop security features that you should be aware of. This will not only make your Android 5.0 experience a brand new, but also make it safer.

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