Best Smartwatches 2014: Features and Images

Like other gadgets best Smartwatches are always in the news these days. There are so many people – just like me, who love to use Smartphones and Smartwatches. The eye-catching looks of the Smartwatches makes one fall for them irrespective of the price tag.

Best Smartwatches: LG G Watch

The LG G Watch is easily the best product from the company so far. The Smartwatch will be available in a 1.65 inch LCD screen. So, it will be easy for viewing. And does it need a mention that it will be a touchscreen?

Best Smartwatches

The resolution of the screen will be 280 X 280 pixels. The LG G Watch will have 4GB of internal memory and will come with 512 MB of RAM.

Certainly, it will be one of the best Smartwatches around.

Best Smartwatches: Google Gem

Whatever Google touches on the internet turns into a gem. The Google Gem cannot be an exception either. There will be Android Wear that will power the Smartwatch – the latest version of the OS from the house of Google. It boasts of the best technology with a touchscreen.

Of the best Smartwatches out there, Google Gem will be a potential rival to other players like Apple, LG and Samsung. Most of the things are under the wraps about Google Gem.

Best Smartwatches: Apple iWatch

Apple had earlier reported this year that they would be introducing solar charging for their iWatches. As far as the iWatch is concerned, it may have a bigger screen with 2.5-inches than the LG G Watch.

Best Smartwatches

The rectangular shape of the face of this Smartwatch will make it stand out of the crowd with ‘Apple’ and prove to be the best Smartwatches in the industry. The production of the Smartwatch is likely to get underway from this month.

Best Smartwatches: Motorola Moto 360

As the name of the Smartwatch suggests, it has a 360 degree shape – a round shape, making it one of the best Smartwatches in the business. It must be mentioned that Motorola is currently under Google and that’s why you may find features similar to Android Wear.

Best Smartwatches

We will have to wait for more specs about Motorola Moto 360.

Some other best Smartwatches are Samsung Gear Fit, Asus Smart Watch and Agent Smart Watch.

Please add those best Smartwatches you know in this least through comments below.

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