Trouble still on for Yahoo Mail even on the fourth day

The users of Yahoo Mail are still not out of the woods as there is no relief in sight for them even on the fourth day. Thursday was the fourth day on the trot when the services of Yahoo Mail saw difficulties galore.

It is understood that the email service of the US-based company has been acting in weird ways and a solution does not look in sight at the time of writing this news piece. There were hundreds of thousands of users who showed their displeasure and anger in public.

Many Yahoo users have reported of not being able to open their inboxes. Problems have also been seen when getting the delivery of the mails. Yahoo has come out with a response saying that they will be coming out with a solution – a message that read on Twitter.

Yahoo had apologized a couple of days back for the hiccups their mailing service is experiencing. They had also promised of coming up with an answer by fixing the issue presumably by Wednesday itself. However, there doesn’t seem to be any progress on the issue.

The US company hasn’t revealed the number of accounts that were experiencing such problems. It is estimated that there are around 280 million Yahoo users who use the mailing service provided by the company.

Jeffrey Bonforte, who is the Senior Vice President of communication products, Yahoo, has said that they were sorry for the difficulties. The message was posted on Tumblr. It is understood that data center of the company has experienced some hardware issues.

Frustration from the users was seen when some chatting forums and Twitter saw the messages posted by the users. Some of them wanted to switch over to a free service that Google offers. Life indeed looks difficult for Yahoo as they are scrambling to get things back on track.

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