Truecaller app Flash Messaging Feature Launched for iOS

Truecaller app Flash Messaging Feature has been launched for iOS. Earlier, it was introduced with the roll out of Truecaller 8 but only for Android Users.

Truecaller app

Truecaller app
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Truecaller app Flash Messaging Service has been freshly announced for the iOS users. Previously, we got an update of Truecaller 8 where the app rolled out this feature only for Android users. Flash Messaging is basically a feature which lets you send quick pre-defined messages to the any other Truecaller users to inform your whereabouts. Whether you want to convey simple things like you are on your way, you’ve reached home, or crucial things like sending your location in a jiffy even when you’re in problem.

This feature works really fast and seamlessly. You will see a lightning bolt icon on the Contact list in the Truecaller app. All you have to do is to tap on that icon. You’ll receive varied pre-defined messages for instance; emoji, questions or you can also enter a message and also send it to the other user. The one you send the message will then get a flash message and that looks like that you are getting an incoming call. This notification from Truecaller app Flash Messaging Feature will keep flashing for 60 seconds on the mobile screen and then turn into a missed flash message.

Truecaller has been working simultaneously and really hard from quite some time now by doing a couple of partnership to mark its presence in India. Furthermore, the Truecaller app also came up with Truecaller 8 which introduced us with some amazing features including Flash Message, Google Duo integration, Truecaller Pay, etc. Although, the partnership with ICICI Bank and Airtel is only for India. However, the latest app update will be applicable around the globe.

The Truecaller app version 8 was rolled out with Google Duo which is a video calling app. The company claims that the Google Duo integration was set up to make the Truecaller app more reliable and fast. And, all of this can be done with a single button push and it instantly connects to the other users. This new Truecaller app integration with the Google Duo will be made available very soon for both the iOS and Android users as permission based service. In this, the users will have the freedom to opt-in and out at their convenience.

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