Turn Your Facebook Page into a Website with Pager

In the world of apps, there is another addition with Pager that can turn your Facebook page into a website. It’s great for small businesses to make their presence felt in the cyber world. They will be able to expand the horizons of their profession. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Turn Your Facebook Page into a Website

This is a brand new experimental app that we are talking about. With the help of the app, you can influence the power of your Facebook page. The advantage is that Pager can convert a Facebook page into a full-working web site.

Great for Small Businesses

The advantage of the app is that small businesses can afford to have a traditional website at pretty no or low costs.

It was the work for three engineers to turn your Facebook page into a website. Darrel-Day Guerrero is one of the three brains behind this. According to him, there was a plan behind having this kind of app that looked towards the betterment of small businesses.


The idea was to allow small businesses to be able to manage a website effortlessly and more efficiently. Pager, as the app is known, is expected to help local businesses pretty much.

You can try the app for free at pageapp.

Ease and Simplicity

It is pretty simple to turn your Facebook page into a website and that’s the USP of the app. Actually, the simplicity of using the app gives it more value, because it makes it a breeze to convert a FB page to a website.

Getting excited to know how you can go about this conversion. Here are the steps short and precise.

Log in using your Facebook account.

This is when the list of all your pages will become visible to you. You need to select that page, which you want to turn it into a website.

Select the page of your choice and then save it.

Once the page is saved, it will auto go live in the form of a website.

Pager Categories

When you turn your Facebook page into a website, you will come across four categories. You will see an “About” page, which is mostly seen in many standard websites. Apart from that, there is “Galleries”, “Event” and “News” categories as well.

The “About” page will carry all information regarding your contacts, etc. The “Galleries” page is all about images and videos. The “News” page is about your wall posts, while it needs little info about your “Events” page.

In short, with Page, turn your facebook page into a website in no time at all.

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