Tweet Reply Counts Comes with Twitter Conversations

The social networking site, Twitter has introduced a new feature of Tweet reply counts. The Twitter conversations will now be seen with a reply counter along with a ranking to the apps. Here is the detailed insight.

Tweet Reply Counts


When you open Twitter, what is the most interesting thing that catches your attention,Tweet reply counts? Though, this seems to be a tough question to ask as there are many things that can actually attract you. So let me make this simple, do you ever look at the threaded conversations? This is something which I know most of us get a notice when many people are involved in a single conversation and responding at a time. Actually, some of the best interactions can happen in threaded conversations on the Twitter platform.

However, if you are not the part of a particular conversation, you won’t be able to find out whether the tweet is receiving many social interactions. To make this situation a tad easier, Twitter’s latest feature will help you figure out the tweet reply counts. The social networking site has added a reply counter along with a conversation ranking. This will push the relevant discussions of a tweet thread to the top position.

Both these features have been added to the web a while back and web users have also experienced it. The new addition will not change the way you used Twitter. But it will give an impact on the display of replies as they won’t be available in a chronological order. Conversation ranking shows the replies that the original poster has made. It can also show the reply from a Twitter user which you follow. This feature also divides replies into different sub-conversations, which makes their own meaning.

If wondering how the direct reply counter will look. The reply button that is placed beneath any tweet will now display the number of users who replied to that particular tweet. This number contains the total number of tweets for a long conversation.

How do you see this new feature of Tweet reply counts? Are you happy with it or willing to see something else? Lets us know your views using the comments below.


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