Twitter 140 characters: it’s Now New and Improved

Twitter 140 characters has been a speciality of the micro-blogging site. You had to express yourself in that limit only and it was fun to do it too.

Twitter 140 characters

With Twitter 140 characters, the micro-blogging portal has always been able to surprise users with its ability to innovate and impress given its seemingly limited scope. The portal has now made it possible to ensure that you convey more content in every tweet.

But now, there are some new features in the Twitter 140 characters that were so far used. With the new features, you get something new to experiment with.

Replies: Every time you want to reply to a tweet, your replies will not have to carry the name of the person the tweet is addressed to. This way you save more characters. So, you get more to play with those Twitter 140 characters.


Media Attachments: Also, when you make media attachments the media will no longer count for extra words. This means you can now add GIFs, videos, photos and still find room to write.

Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself: With the Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself feature, you can tweet an old message all over again. So if you ever feel like repeating an old quote with Twitter 140 characters, you can now do that without any hassles. Also, you can now bid Goodbye to the “@” symbol. Formerly, you were required to type in the symbol to address someone and notify them of your post. But now they will be informed by Twitter’s artificial intelligence, leaving you more room to pour your heart out.

Goodbye @: Along with the other features are sure to make you Twitter experience all the more interesting by enabling you to do more with your account.

With so many new changes and features now gracing the Twitter 140 characters, it’s just fun to use it.


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