Twitter Analytics Is Now Open To All Twitter Users

Finally, Twitter Analytics has been made open to all the Twitter users. The analytics was earlier available only to verified accounts and advertisers. Twitter launched the analytics in the month of July.

Twitter Analytics for You

It will now be easier to all Twitter users to get detailed reports regarding their account. This will give the users an idea of how their accounts are performing in terms of the tweets. The reports will allow the users to study their accounts better. The Twitter Analytics can help your business grow better.

But before going any further here are some details about the new developments.

The news about the availability of Twitter analytics to all users was broken by Ian Chan, who is a front-end engineer with the micro-blogging site. The analytics gives you details about the tweets, retweets, clicks, the favorites and much more about stats.

Twitter Analytics
Image: Informationweek

Accessing Twitter Analytics

To access the new feature, sign in to Once you log in to your account, you will get all the data you need that’s mentioned above. The best thing about the analytics is that even if your account is just 14 days old, you will be able to view the analytical stats.

There is a dashboard view that shows a chart of the last 28 days. This includes the impressions the tweets have got and any contextual information. This includes the comparison if the impressions have gone up as against the last 28 days. You should see bars – high and low – that show the impressions when you hover your mouse over them.

There is stream of tweets below this chart. You can sort it by ‘tweets and replies’ and Promotional Tweets as well.

Tweet Details

If you want to get more details from Twitter Analytics, Twitter has made this possible. If you want to view the content of the tweet, you can do so by clicking the tweet. A chart will show up with the number of impressions of that tweet in the past 24 hours.

If you hover the mouse over the bars, it will show the hourly breakdown of the hits the tweet has got. Apart from this, you will also be able to keep a watch on your followers.

Twitter Analytics gives you a breakup of your followers in percentage. You will be able to know which country you are getting the most followers from. You also get suggestions whom to follow to the right of your computer’s screen.

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