Twitter Google Deal: Tweets Will Be More Searchable

In the latest Twitter Google deal, the mega search engine Google and micro-blogging social site Twitter, have joined hands in one of the most exciting deals in the recent history. Your Google search will no longer be the same now. The new deal will allow tweets to be searched more easily.

Twitter Google Deal

With the new deal, the tweets will now become easily searchable. The report has come from Bloomberg. The normal tweets, that we have known so far, will also be visible in the Google search. This Twitter Google deal will give more exposure to the tweets as well. This will bring more spotlights on the tweets. No wonder, tweeting will gain more importance after this.

Tweets in Search Results

It is understood that the tweets will be noticeable in the search results the moment they have been posted. So, time won’t be lost in between, which is a good sign for the Twitter Google deal. It is expected that the results would be soon before us in SERPs. That may materialize anytime until the month of June this year.


Terms of the Deal

The work for the Twitter Google deal has got underway as the engineers of the respective companies have started work together. Though, work on the project has begun, there is no word on the terms of the deal. Both companies have chosen not to speak in the public regarding this.

The 2011 Twitter Google Deal

The latest Twitter Google deal takes us back to the 2011 deal. Both Twitter and Google had struck a similar deal around four years back. However, the deal failed to deliver the goods as Google came up with Google Plus – Google’s home social networking. This was a reason for the failed deal was the introduction of Google Plus.

Google’s social networking platform was aimed at competing with the already established social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Facebook was the bigger competition to Google Plus. As the deal broke off, Google needed to crawl Twitter in order to indexing tweets. However, thanks to the new deal, that won’t now be required.

Twitter & Google Mega Sites

Both Twitter and Google are mega sites in their own way. When on one hand there are nearly 6000 tweets sent out per second, there are 47, 455 Google searches in one second. This amounts to 350,000 tweets per minute. The daily tweets recently crossed 500 million tweets.

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As far as Google search is concerned, it also amounts to 28, 47,300 searches per minute. Now when such two big players in the industry join hands, Twitter Google deal gets a lot of meaning.

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