Twitter Moments: Open to Everyone to Create your Moments

Twitter Moments feature has finally been opened up for its users all over the world. This feature allows its users to create their own “Moments”. Read on to know more! This is a really exciting feature from Twitter.

Twitter Moments

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The Twitter Moments feature was officially launched in October last year. Then, Moments could only be created by Twitter’s development team and a few of its publishing partners; But, slowly the expansion took place in August this year. Moments then became available to other powerful people like partners, brands and influencers. At that time, Twitter gave a word that Moments would be available soon to everyone in the next few months. Finally, that time has come, when every Twitter user can use Twitter Moments and create their own short memory. Moments feature is an effort by its team to give people another reason to join Twitter.

“Moments” is a feature that was designed for Twitter users to help discover and publish their own short memorable story on the social network. Moments could be any conversation or any memes, photographs, world events, and more. The Twitter Moments is similar to the mobile Snapchat feature, with a little more organized tabs and extra features.


Moments can be accessed through the Twitter app for iOS devices and the web. To create your own Moment, users need to click the new “Moments” tab on your profile. Also, you can see your previous Moments as well.

Moments also offers the featuring of images (full-width), auto-playing videos as well as GIFs, and even tweets that are text-based. So users get a lot out of this feature. Users can give a title to their Moments, also set a cover picture and add tweets to tell stories or the feelings behind that Moment.

Moments feature is rolling out to everyone starting today, but it may not be immediately accessible.


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