Twitter Mute App: Now Mute Unwanted Posts

With the help of Twitter mute app, you will now be able to mute unwanted posts from users which you aren’t interested in. The rollout of the service started on Monday.

Twitter Mute App

The micro blogging service provider started to give the power of ‘muting’ posts from those users, which you may not be interested in listening to.

According to Twitter, the latest feature has been introduced only for a handful of users. However, as the functions are checked out and things start to settle down, the feature will introduced for the Twitter account holders.

Paul Rosania, who is the Twitter Product Manager, said, “You can now mute users you’d like to hear from less.” Paul Rosania had written this in this blog post about Twitter mute app.Twitter Mute App

The upside of Twitter Mute App

The best part of the new feature is that the muted user will never know that they have been muted by you. So, you can safely turn those users ‘off’ from whom you do not need to ‘hear’ anything.

And do not worry about unmuting. You can always go on to unmute them. It is pretty much parallel to ‘friending’ and ‘unfriending’ a person on Facebook.

The new feature is being currently added to iPhone as well as Android Smartphones. If users do not have Smartphones but are accessing the site through the desktop version – will still be able to see the new feature soon. This means, web browsers will also be compatible to use the new app.

So, what does the new feature actually mean and how will it work?

When a user is muted, the tweets that the user tweets will be stopped and won’t pop up. The tweets won’t be seen in the timeline. Also the text or push messages won’t be delivered from the muted users.

However, people can view the comments or retweets from those people who have muted them. If you have to mute a user from a certain tweet, tap more then mute ‘@username’. And if you need to mute from a profile page, click the gear icon then mute ‘@username’.

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