It’s A Big Family of Two Billion Facebook Users

On 27th June, the most-amazing social media platform ‘Facebook’ crossed Two Billion Facebook users. Now, that’s a big big number!

Two Billion Facebook users

Two Billion Facebook users
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Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, recently announced that there are Two Billion Facebook users registered on this platform. Talking about the statistics, he added that over 175 million people show love to a certain image, video, meme or post by hitting the ‘Love’ reaction. And more than 800 million users hit the ‘Like’ button on an average. If that was not enough, around 1 billion Facebook individuals use Facebook groups in a month.  Facebook respects those persons who show love and gratitude to others and for applauding their sincere efforts, the authorities will roll out some exciting experiences on Facebook soon. Apart from likes and other reactions, there are a few Facebook tricks that you may not know earlier. And you’ve got to read them for making your lives easier on this social networking platform.

Facebook has also created a personalized video for all of its users so as to bring different communities a little closer than before. The video will show up in your Facebook’s News Feed. So, watch it and refresh your memories, and see how much love you have shared with others. Recently in the last week of March, Facebook had rolled out its brilliant Facebook 360 feature for all its users. Go to ‘New Post’ section, click on ‘Live Video’ and tap on ‘Go Live’ after filling some basic info. It’s that easy!

When you wish someone happy birthday, react on someone’s post with love, or form a new group, you’ll see a Thank You note straight away in your News Feed.

Facebook is also giving a humorous touch to the way people add value to the community. They are also showcasing some of the US people who motivate them to improve and work harder for different communities.

During the Facebook Communities Summit, Mark Zuckerberg said that they work with a vision of eliminating all boundaries among regions and making people closer to each other. They will keep launching innovative products in the near future in order to reduce the linguistic and regional barriers.

Facebook will strive to thank its Two Billion Facebook users with new products. After all, they all made this community such a big family.


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