Uber Unsafe as Delhi Rape Renders System Flaws

After the rape of an executive in Delhi, the question has once again raised as to how much Uber unsafe is. For those who do not know, 27-year old woman was raped in the capital city of Delhi being threatened with an iron rod – much like what had happened on December 16 years back.

Uber Unsafe

By the way, Delhi has now gained an ignominy, of also being the rape capital of India. To add to that is now the Uber unsafe that is the talk of the town. As far as the app is concerned, they are proud to announce to be ‘everyone’s private driver’. So, whatever be your ‘demand’ about the taxies, you are more often than not likely to be served with it.

What are the Safety Levels?

So, why is booking a taxi with Uber safe and what has turned it to be termed as ‘Uber unsafe’? The first thing is that the app is used on a Smartphone and secondly, a GPS in place is enough to tell where the taxi at a certain moment is. The GPS gives exact location of the taxi on the go, which means the presence of the car and people in question never remains a mystery.


So, What’s the Loophole?

The driver who managed to hide his location even from the GPS system first molested the lady and then went on to commit the crime. But, then is he a genius to protect his location from the world and remain unreachable (and rape the woman executive)? Well, there is nothing like the driver being a genius or being able to ‘hide’ from the technology. What he did was he just switched his Smartphone off. That’s it, this rendered Uber unsafe.

So, how can a system be called safe when it can be left useless with just the touch of a button? Uber wasn’t safe on this occasion as the phone where the app was installed was off and that turned off the GPS too. How was anyone going to locate the taxi and the driver? Moreover, these Uber cabs do not have an obligatory GPS tracker. This puts the vehicles at potential risks, Uber unsafe, isn’t it?

The executive from Delhi and reportedly booked the car with the app. As she slept inside the vehicle thinking it will safely guide her to her destination, the tragedy struck. The car was driven to an isolated location. There, she was initially molested and then with in iron rod. These words are enough to recall one the horror of the December 16 rape a few years back.

Uber Unsafe In the US Too

The ill-fated incidents regarding Uber aren’t only from India. It has a US connection too. Drivers in the United Sates have also been accused of raping women. Uber’s PR has been accused of damage the reputation of the complaints, especially those of the women. As if that wasn’t enough, there were also threats of misusing the Uber customer data.

So, how long will be Uber unsafe? If they have to bring back their reputation and the trust, strict steps will have to be taken and that too with immediate effect.

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