Now get the UC Browser 9.5 for Android OS for speedy download

The UC Browser 9.5 for Android OS promises speedy download. It is the browser that has been released by the UC Web, which is well-liked and famous mobile internet software. The installation of the app is pretty easy and it also allows using the HTML5 easily.

The browser boasts of having the fastest download speeds as compared to any other mobile browsers currently being used. The secret of the fast downloading can be said to be the fact that the files are split in various smaller parts and all of them are downloaded at the same time. These are known as the multi-threaded downloading techniques and segmented file transfer.

So, how fast is the download? If the reports are anything to believe, the download speed increases by around 15% with the 3G connectivity and the same result can be experienced with Wi-Fi as well. For those who are still using the 2G, they will also get to experience better speed and smoother surfing.

The great thing about the browser is that it supports a number of fonts as well as languages. There is an addition of newer languages in the browser like Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. In case you are opening a web page with the language that is not supported by the browser, it requests you to download the same.

There is also a Web Application Center, Image Viewer function along with UC Homescreen Widget. UC Browser allows syncing your bookmarks as well as opens the tabs between more than one device. The browser on its own loads the ensuing page on a web site when one is nearing the bottom of a certain page.

For those who haven’t yet used this latest browser, can download and get a feel of how exactly you feel the difference.

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