UC Browser HD 3.0 with Gesture Controls Available for Download

The UC browser HD 3.0 for the Android OS, which comes with gesture controls, is currently available for download. The browser has been brought out by UCWeb.

Gesture controlled browsing

The special feature of the browser is that it is specially built for devices that have bigger screens. Gesture control browsing is one of the most talked about feature of the new version of the browser. The browsing this way can be done by just swiping your finger forward and backward. This action can help in moving through the web pages. Even videos can be played by gesture control.

More gestures

There is a video player that recognizes the gestures for controlling the video and it also picks up the videos on the open web page. Apart from this, other controls can also be executed like adjusting the volume, the brightness as well as the playback progress. All this requires is a single slide of the finger.UC Browser HD 3

UC Browser features

There is also a Page Preloader feature in the UC browser. What it does is that it loads the next page for further reading even as the user is still on the first page. So, if you are reading an e-book on your phablet or even your Smartphone, the feature is extremely handy.

Cloud Sync option can sync the bookmarks among a range of devices when you use services like Facebook, Gmail and of course, the UC account.

More UC Browser features

That is not the end of the features. There also features like Incognito Browsing, therefore, there is no trail left behind as you browse the web. Another feature is Night Mode. As the name suggests, it dims the screen as well as regulates the visual approach. This helps in protecting the eyes from low light atmosphere.

Speed Dial is another feature in the UC browser that gives instant access to the desired web pages right from the home page.

Last month, there was UC browser 9.5 for Android, which was also said to assist speedy download.

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