Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Internet of Things

Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Internet of Things. The users and organisations have been using the app integrated with IoT to make life much more convenient.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet


Internet of Things, related more or less to the ultimate cheat sheet, is a handle for information technology for over a time now. The non-professionals are also trying to extend this in their lifestyle. Although, a large number of the population around the world is taking advantage of the Internet of Things through apps. Apps are slightly becoming a part and parcel of our lives today. Whether it’s about making payments, booking online tickets, buying clothes, ordering foods or even buying or renting an apartment, we rely too much on the apps. And, day by day the usage of apps is only in the ascending mode worldwide. According to a Nielson study conducted in the year 2014, as compared to earlier times almost two years back, the people in the US have now been devoting more 54 percent every month on apps. Going by the continuous technology advancement, the ABI Research has estimated that there will be 40.9 billion IoT supportive devices by the year 2020 all over the world.


These days apps also work in coordinating teamwork or an organization which needs to be managed. This means it builds system and the management system, professionals, accountability, employees and more for being able to increase efficient energy and smooth operations. If it’s linked to the building software, the app concentrates making life easier for the users. The users can get access to their smartphones to the building management the company or organisation uses according to their particular role. Different employees can use the app on different levels to coordinate and make sure if the work is in progress.

In fact, not only the building officials, but also the customers can be in touch with their demands and needs through the apps. Whether it’s used in a hotel, hospital, library or businesses, the app makes the work seamless by collecting data and information and providing them at need. Also, coordinating with the employees, customers, officials at once makes the company grow fonder and makes the business prosper.


Users get very satisfied when they are provided with this type of convenience and control over things. In return, making the organisation reach another level as compared to their rival companies.  If we consider the building to be a hotel, the receptionist can get benefited from the app by using it to check the available room and their occupancy. The attendants can also prepare the room before the guests arrive by checking the room temperature settings and more. If we consider the building to be a hospital, the app can be monitored to check the needs of patients.Also, things like

Also, things like room temperature and environments for more comfort. Even the patients can use the app to set the room temperature, dim the light, check the TV and more without the help of a nurse. IoT can be a boon for hospitals and health centers to take care the needs of the patients and making them feel at home. The apps which are now been integrated into a number of Android, iOS and Windows OS, the organisations and users are very much benefited.

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