Microsoft brings out updates to Windows 8

Global software giant Microsoft has updates to Windows 8, their latest operating system, the Windows 8. The update will include various features. The update is expected to roll out later in the year. The company has termed the update, Windows 8.1. There were spectacular changes in the OS by Microsoft of late.

Windows has been a well-acclaimed OS for the bulk of computer users around the globe for the past couple of decades. The plans for the updates were discussed at the start of this month itself. The details can be known during the Microsoft conference that will get underway from June 26. It is expected that there will be more new features and built-in apps.

The Windows 8 OS was launched by Microsoft around seven months back. The startup screen wore a new look that displayed the apps in the form of mosaic tiles which were interactive instead of the stationary icons. The move didn’t pay off as the Windows users were not happy with the changes. What they wanted was the good old startup screen that gave them to start the OS.

Taking that into account, Microsoft will be bringing back the “Start” button that has been the feature of the Windows. With this fundamental change, Microsoft hopes they will be able to bring back more customers thereby increasing their sales once again.

One of the ways of keeping Windows in the market and in the hearts of computer users is making regular changes in the OS and releasing the updates. The software company used to make such changes approximately every three years. Microsoft has been successful in selling around 100 million license copies of Windows 8 since its release in October. However, the diminishing PC users remain a concern.

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